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About EMC


I offer you the guidance needed to identify your personal building blocks and formula for creating a sense of purpose and fulfilment in your life.

I partner with you to help you unpick the knots of your past to release the beliefs and emotions that hold you back from knowing and being true to yourself and which block you from tapping into your full potential. 

And for those who have already begun their journey towards self-awareness and with greater meaning, who have set themselves on the path towards freedom of self-expression and who have opened the door to higher levels of conscious experience, I help you maintain your momentum and commitment to your chosen path.


For those who have gone further, who may find themselves on roads less travelled; I help you by holding the space for your continuing exploration and help you to maintain clarity while overcoming the hurdles that life can put in your way.

What We Do

“We are whom we think we are until we realise it is only who we are while we are thinking it."



We can be left wondering if we will ever have the courage, ability or opportunity to have the life we want for ourselves.

From an early age, we are told who we are, whom we need to be and what we need to do to succeed. Often, as a result, we make choices that feel forced or fear-based and by midlife, our lack of passion and enthusiasm for what we are doing can leave us feeling hollow and flat.  

As your Coach, I am there for you no matter where you are on life’s journey, working with you to develop and maintain a way of being that resonates with you and I supporting you to integrate it into every aspect of your life to have the experiences, form the connections and gain the fulfilment you want. 

At EMC we partner with those who...
  • Feel trapped by the routine of their daily lives and whose achievements offer little satisfaction or happiness

  • Have a sense of who they truly are but have difficulty seeing and connecting to it 


  • Have begun their journey into greater self-awareness and fulfillment but who may feel lost or stuck

  • Know deep down what they are truly capable of but do not know how to access their full potential


  • Know what they truly want from life but fear and doubts block them from accomplishing it

  • Exist at higher levels of consciousness, who may at times need help reconnecting with those on the ground

EMC works with you to tweak or make larger changes to your life by...
  • Identifying the vision of your life that is in alignment with who you really are

  • Challenging the fear-based beliefs that hold you back

  • Uncovering your success formula for peak performance

  • Revealing the limiting beliefs that do not serve you

  • Connecting you with values that positively impact on your energy levels and enthusiasm

  • Exposing the self-saboteurs that drain you

  • Revealing what you are truly capable of achieving

How We Help

“The difference between impossible and possible is an experience away."



Do you identify with one or more of the thoughts and feelings my clients most often express to me?


Or maybe it's where you used to see yourself and you've made some great progress to move yourself and your life forward and now you are looking for the insights and effective strategies to get you and your life to where you really want it to be? ​
I am struggling to find me in my life
The empty routine of my work and home life leaves me feeling stressed, hollow and weary
In an age of always-on, I just end up feeling constantly turned off
My work-life balance is out of whack, out of reach and out of my control
I spend so much time in my head I feel isolated and alone
Everything about the world today makes me anxious, from the moment I check my phone in the morning until I put it down at night
I feel unhappy and unfulfilled, where can I turn to find a sense of purpose and identity?
I’m tired of my life being a routine of delivered food, distracted conversation and binge-watching TV.
Everything is accelerating, I increasingly feel like a passenger looking on
Everyone else seems to be happier and more satisfied in and out of work, why not me?
I’m ready to move forward with my life but can’t afford to waste any more time
My kids have flown the coop, now what?!
I go on retreats, attend seminars and read self-development books but I can't silence my inner critic or find the inner space to simply hold and nurture myself
Who I Help

“I can, is a shift in mindset away."


Your Coach

Your Coach

Like you, I have felt certain there was more to life than the one I was living; the constant grind of work, the replay of each day, feeling safe yet completely unfulfilled in my comfort zone, the groove of my life becoming a rut. I have experienced the energy-sapping, frozen to the spot effects of stress, anxiety and fear when thinking about change and have been blocked by indecision when I lacked the knowledge of what I really wanted or the confidence to act.


​I realized that to be able to live the life I wanted I had to ask for help and through a combination of coaching, meditation, and practicing martial arts, I discovered how to be the architect of my life and found the means to identify what I really wanted and to overcome the personal challenges I faced.  

​For the last two decades, I have been working with people like me and you to break through the obstacles that hold them back from living the lives they want to live, clearing the noise that obscures their inner wisdom and I help them to achieve the outcomes they set for themselves personally, professionally, energetically and experientially.

​I am a certified transition empowerment coach, a qualified trainer and I hold a degree in Applied Psychology. I am passionate about people and helping them to tap their full potential and to do so, I continue to broaden my skills and competency with tried and tested methodologies to best meet the needs of my clients.


​I look forward to working with you soon. 

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