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  • 50 minutes
  • 10 Session Package
  • Online Session

Service Description

Once you begin to tap into your true self and see your life through the pure lens of what is rather than the limited view of what you believe to be and get a taste of the positive impact it has on the way you think and feel about yourself, your life and the choices you make, there is no turning back. On your continuing journey we will work together to magnify the sense of freedom and control you have over your life and identify the internal and external influencers on you that maximise your happiness and performance. We will work to expose the layers of self-judgement and assumptions that diminish your full potential, dampen your conscious energy and passion and work to replace them with a sustainable way of being that fuels your life and aligns with your core being. All sessions are conducted remotely and can be held by video-call or audio only. If you have a question you'd prefer to have answered by email, then please use the contact form below. Price on Request

Contact Details

734 Northwest Marlborough Avenue, Portland, OR, USA

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