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Mindset Change

Midlife Coaching Specialist

​Partnering with stay-at-home, working parents who feel unhappy and overwhelmed to create space for themselves so that both they and their children can flourish. 

"His presence and support remind me that no matter how dark and distorted the days feel, clarity will come."

Daniel / United Kingdom

"Elliot helped me transform my overall mindset to one that serves my life."

Nikolas / Cyprus

"Elliot helped me figure out a sustainable way of being that was right for me."

Angela / Netherlands



Mindset Change

Midlife Coaching Specialist

Partnering with working parents to grow and sustain their passions, happiness and sense of fun and beat the pressure and stress of their busy lives so both they and their family can flourish


As working parents for whom running the home and caring for our children is our full-time job or only part of our busy working and family lives,  we can experience increasing levels of stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction and dwindling moments of happiness and fulfilment given the pressure of being a great parent and successful and productive at our jobs.


Many reach a point when they believe "it is what it is" and either feel it's too late or there is nothing they can do about it and find themselves at times asking the questions, "what's it all for and what about me?" while feeling the guilt of not being attentive enough to the needs of those they are responsible and care for.

We can feel overwhelmed by the daily grind which is understandable given all the things we feel we need to achieve and the pressure we tend to put ourselves under.

I help you to reignite and maintain the aspects of you that bring you happiness and fulfilment, to find the space to do so while balancing your role as parent and partner and use powerful tools and techniques to help you to disable the parts of you that sabotage your efforts and drain your energy so that you can identify (if necessary) and fulfil your personal needs and passions while ensuring that you are enriching the lives of your children and family. 


“I am always and, in all ways, greater than I think I am."

Bruce D Schneider


Like you, I have felt lost in and dissatisfied with the life I was living. I could hear the call from within myself to make changes but fear and anxiety stopped me from following the sound.  


Through self-development and the guidance of others, I discovered the means to overcome the blocks and challenges I faced to creating the life I wanted.  


For the last two decades, utilising tried and tested methodologies, I have worked with people like you, to break through the obstacles that hold them back from living fully both personally and professionally and find their unique path to reduce stress and increase happiness and fulfilment.


“If a person is called to be street sweeper, they should sweep the streets as Michael Angelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry."

Martin Luther King


  • A call to get to know each other and answer your questions.

    30 min
    Free Of Charge
  • The opportunity to experience coaching and see if it is right for you?

    30 min
    Free of Charge
  • Happiness begins with self-awareness and acceptance

    50 min
    10 Session Package
  • Get more of life's good stuff

    50 min
    10 Session Package
  • Explore the deeper levels of self

    50 min
    10 Session Package

Doing is the route to experience.
Experience is the route to awareness.
Awareness is the route to consciousness.
Consciousness is the route to knowing.
Knowing is the route to being.
Being is the route to fulfilment.


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